The Agent and the Admiral Series


Series: The Agent and the Admiral
Fandom: NCIS, JAG
Pairing/Characters: always-a-girl Toni DiNozzo/AJ Chegwidden, others mentioned
Genre: Rule 63, always-a-different sex/gender changes, AU, romance, drama, casefic, action-adventure
Rating/Warnings: R; explicit sex and swearing; canon-typical violence; discussion of murder, violence, character death, violence against women (anything one might see on either show) and other typical crime procedural discussions of crime; character death (no main pairing character death), assault, and moments of tooth-rotting fluff.
Notes: Takes place in JAG season 8, after “Heart and Soul” and before the episode “Ice Queen” which is also the NCIS pilot episode. Begins pre-series NCIS, when Toni has been at NCIS about a year and a half. Series extends into through the first season of NCIS and possibly beyond.

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Nightcap Admiral Chegwidden was just seeking a quiet drink and a respite from a boring Navy event. Antonia DiNozzo found him instead, and she turned out to…

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The Descendant (Excerpt)

Chestnut NOLA

The hiss of the doors to the observation deck brought the blue green planet below back into focus for Theodorus. The beauty of the turning orb was stark after his contemplation of the darkness within his mind. A strong hand squeezed his shoulder lightly dragging him further into the present.

“The resupply is almost complete,” Jacobus said, with another light squeeze. “It should be sufficient for a time, until decisions are made one way or the other.”

“Decisions,” Theodorus murmured. “Atlantis has been located, then?”

“Yes, we have detected her again.” Jacobus pulled Theodorus by the shoulders to face him. “It seems that the City has finally returned.”

Jacobus’ skin was tawny from the planet’s sun, the slight creases at the edges of his eyes and mouth more pronounced than usual. Those slight grooves were the only indication of his age among their people and Jacobus’ words held sway. Theodorus’…

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What To Say About Me.

I go by the username Kittydresden online and live in the UK.

In terms of Crafting I enjoy passing the time doing Cardmaking and love using the Santoro Gorjuss Cardstock, but my real love is reading, particularly Fanfiction, where I can choose exactly which fandom, characters, relationships and genre as well as the length I want to read. The stories fan come up with can often be better than the actual canon content they are based on, and they often fix the crap that can happen or gets ignored in canon as well as explore the things I wish would happen in canon but never will.

I read in a large number of Fandoms, from Harry Potter and Star Trek 2009, to Midnight Texas and Blue Bloods, and I tend to go through phases where I spend days and sometimes weeks, when I can, mostly binge reading in one particular fandom before moving into another fandom.

At the moment I’m binge reading the 100 fandom, I’ve been enjoying rereading favourites such as The Secrets We Don’t Keep by shadowglove and Your Presence Still Lingers Here by simply_aly, as well as discovering new favourites like The Princess’ Guilt by lexapride and Matched by banshee_in_the_dark. I love reading the emotional moments between characters, whether they are family friends or lovers.

Other than fanfiction, my reading habits have become a bit lacking over the years. When I do pick up a book I tend to stick to reading Urban Fantasy, such as the Harry Dresden series, as well as some limited Science Fiction, in the form of Star Wars Legend books set during and post the original movies, although I have really gotten into the Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson, despite it being outside my normal genre, thanks to the TV series.

Well I’m not sure what else to say, other than thank you for the opportunity and hope you weren’t bored to tears by my rambling about my reading habits.

My Thoughts on Thomas Gibson’s Firing

Pen to Paper


Today I have been trying to understand my visceral reaction to the firing of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds, and I’ve come to several realizations which I will explain in a moment.

I have grown up in and around Los Angeles California all my life. I have seen movie and television sets and had the occasional encounter with celebrity over the years. When I was in my twenties I worked at a temp agency that dealt mostly with the studios. I had temp gigs at Warner Brothers, DIC, CBS etc. This put me squarely in the middle of celebrity. Thing is, it never affected me. I never cared who they were, they were people doing a job. I never had the ‘fan girl’ syndrome. My obliviousness to celebrity is so bad that at San Diego Comic-Con several years ago it didn’t register that Joss Whedon was actually walking on…

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